How to begin

How Do I Begin?
Once you have decided on which grade of turf is most suitable for your application you will have to find out how much will be required.

How Do I Measure My Area?
All turf if sold by the square metre. It is best to accurately measure your area to ensure that the correct quantity of turf is delivered.

To calculate the area, multiply the length by the breadth, eg.

5 metres x 8 metres = 40 sq metres + 5 percent for wastage
Total amount of turf required = 42 sq metres

Please remember to add 5 percent extra to allow for wastage.

Our sales team can convert measurements in feet or yards if this is easier for you.

If in doubt call our sales team with the size of your area and they can work out how many square metres you will require.

What Next?
It is best to organize your ground preparation and call our office to place your order.

What Details Do I Need To Order My Turf?
Call our sales team with your measurements and they can give you a complete cost to have your chosen grade of turf delivered to you or if it is a very small amount you can uplift from our depot.

If you have chosen to have your turf delivered it will be helpful for us to have accurate delivery details.

Please inform us if it is a new housing estate not yet in the street guides.

Limited access - e.g. City Centre - congestion due to parked cars, delivery on a main road etc so that we can ensure our vehicle can arrive at the most suitable time.

How Do I Pay?
We accept cash, cheques with cheque card, switch and credit card payments. If you are a small business, please contact us about setting up an account.