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Watering Guide

Watering - How Often?
Now that you have your new lawn installed it is now your responsibility to ensure that the turf stays in good condition. Here is a watering guide to advise you, the two items you will require are a garden hose and sprinkler.

Once your turf has been laid it must be given a good soaking. The best way to do this is by using a sprinkler. To ensure that you have applied enough, check that the water has seeped through the turf into the soil below (turn up a corner of the turf to check that this has happened).

The watering must be repeated until the turf has established. Weather conditions will dictate the frequency of watering required.

Watering Guide

If there are any signs of turf drying out i.e. gaps between the turf or going brown round the edges - water it immediately.

Try to avoid walking on your lawn too much during the first week.

If your turf is laid during the winter months generally watering shall not be required at that time of year.

When Do I Mow My New Lawn?
We recommend that you do not mow your new lawn until it has rooted. This can easily be checked by lifting up a corner of the turf to see if the roots have attached to the soil.

Your lawnmower should be set at the highest setting - it is important that the lawn is not scalped during early mowings. Mow your new lawn often, at least once a week, each time removing no more than one third of the grass height.

Once established, the grass height can be reduced gradually to your ideal level. Optimum height is between 25mm and 35mm.

Should I Feed My Lawn?
Feeding during the first 8 weeks will not be necessary as a pre-turf fertiliser has been applied, but we do recommend an application every three months. There are many lawn feeds available from garden centres. Manufacturer's instructions should always be carefully followed.

How Can I Keep My Lawn In Prime Condition?
Regular mowing, weed, pest and disease control; feeding and scarifying will all contribute towards maintaining the lawn in prime condition.